Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Tag and an Award from CJ

Tag With Award

Thank you to Cath J.

Before having the award must complete the tag below :
Name 7 things/persons that you love and then pass this to 7 other bloggers....

)RX-Water System - a must have one to gain a good health. ("If you think wellness is expensive, try illness") more info please visit :
2) My Refrigerator - to make ice cube :D
3) My washing machine - to help with my clothes, bed sheets... etc....
4) My LCD TV - to enjoy watching my fav channels...
5) My bed - to have a good night sleep
6) My car - to go any places i like, mostly office
7) My set of AOWA - to cook much more easier ^_^

CJ do i qualify for the award? hehehehe..
I love to hear from MourenK, FarraH NA, SheilaJ, Bella (err if u happened to drop by to my blog) and those who visit myOwn, thank you... (ba buat ah jangan tak buat)

short shots

Had lunch with my friends @ Japanese restaurant yesterday (12/3/2009).
[BG n MK were busying bluetooth . . . ;) ]
The taste Ok laa.. The price bulih bulih la..

pssssttttt ... !!! An Award to you...

Good Day All .... I would like to present these awards to : 1. Blossom 2. CJvacation 3. Chinadoll
4. Drop a smile
5. I just want to be myself - Roscy 6. Kimoradilautbiru 7. MJworld 8. MomieCay 9. My Photopage 10. Out From Under 11. She says.. just scroll down n find which one is yours.. ^_^

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Thursday, 5 March 2009

it's cute..

eeee cute oo.. suka sia ni gelas tauu... hijau lagi tu...
really really cute... eee gerammm nyaaaa....

tenang jiwa kalo nampak ni selalu.. *_*
(mk, cj, bell... hijauuuuuuu heheheee... cute kannn...)