Monday, 17 August 2009


These are my photos taken during my 9th times mountain climbing expedition. For this trip only the 3 of us Cjgotravel, MJWorld n Me. The trip was on 14-16 August 2009. We stayed at Grace Hostel, Kinabalu Park on the 14/8/2009.

This is me and the place where we stayed on the first day.

Me and my stuff and ready to go for climbing (15/8/2009).

Mt. Kinabalu's view

Before the climbing must get energy. (Cath was on the phone when this picture was taken and this was her 2nd time climbing) siikit je dia makan

Me and Mastika. This was her first experience and she did very well.

Nooo, this was not a rubbish (^_^) but this was our packed lunch. Yaa, we had to bring up our own food. It was provided by the Sutera which was all in a package.

Inside the packed lunch were 1 mineral water, green apple, coke cola, boiled egg, fried chicken and sandwich.

Chayo! Chayo!!!!! Ready to go!!! See the plastic i was holding, yaa that was the packed lunch. Looks funny, seems that i was just finished shopping (*chuckle*). We started our journey from Timpohon to Laban Rata at 7.54am and we reached at Laban Rata with our own precious time, Me @ 1.43pm, Mas @ 1.45pm and Cath @ 2.05pm... not bad huhh!!!

One of the summit trails. In this picture, Cath was enjoying the moment (^__^) Uii Cath laju oh ko

7 chalets to go for Laban Rata.

1st Chalet Pondok Kandis (8.23am) Aikk Mas ko pula di belakang tu ahh..

2nd Chalet Pondok Ubah (8.40am)

3rd Chalet Pondok Lowi (9.21am)

In this picture : Me, Cath, Mas

4th Chalet Pondok Mempening (10.11am)

Me, hehe just using the selipar :D

5th Chalet Pondok Layang-Layang (11.06am)

Me.. huhh no smile already.. too tired

6th Chalet Pondok Villosa (12.21pm)

Yeahhhh !!! Managed to arrive at the final point.. but! BUT! BUT!!! need to walk for another 1KM to Laban Rata (*sigh*) sabarrr je lahh...

7th Chalet Pondok Paka (12.54pm)

Then...for my 9th times journey.. once again Laban Rata here I come again {^__^}. Arrived here @ 1.43pm.

Back is Laban Rata.

Sejuk gilerr geng. Macam snow pula

yaaa let's enjoying the beautiful scenery of our nature

We stayed at Gunting Lagadan. While waiting for our guide, we took a very sweet photo ^__^ before heading to summit. It was 2.10am. The guide arrived at our place at 2.29am so we started our move at 2.30am.

Finally.. Tadaaa!!! Once again, whoopss! I did it Again!

I reached top at 6.10am. The peak was very crowded until you had to wait your turn to take photo.

I only managed to take this

I was pointing out the lady eh!!...some says it looks like a face of an old lady... is it?

What a relief!!!

Ya ya ya a Happy pose from me!!

9th times!!!??? Cj, Mj, Mk, Bel!!! I mistakenly calculated laa... When I checked all my mountains certs and i found out that this is my 9th, ya 9th... What a great shocked for me ^__^

Could it be 10th later.... hehehhehee ...dunno... but will see soon or later...